Growing up, I experimented in "stamping" things together, whether it was a neon purple nail polish and some hair shampoo or simply, some acrylic paints. It was fascinating to see how two (or more) liquids morphed and came together to create some ambiguous yet whimsical shapes (like a rorschach test). So, when I thought to bring this to life in another way, perhaps not in a physical form, I thought to experiment with a font.


So, Kaleidotype started out as an exploration in to the font, Futura. With its symmetrical characteristics, I'd thought to take advantage of this and create a kaleidoscope type of design with its letter forms. I started by layering each letter form on top of each other, and also by rotating its shapes in 45, 60, 90, 180 degrees. Each letter then evolved into each own unique icons.


The Kaleidotype Alphabet!


Then to indulge even more (of Futura), I built patterns and icons. It was exciting to see how the letter forms were getting dissected due to its overlapping of shapes. Ultimately, this resulted in some really awesome icons, and patterns.

Kaleidotype Patterns & Icons / Marks


Test prints of Kaleidotype on paper!

More to be updated + uploaded soon!