From Korea to New York, bonding over food has been a big part of my life. Those moments with family & friends were savored and well documented, whether it was cooking up a recipe at home or dining out at up and coming restaurants. Then to share my love for food along with some traveling adventures, #WhatKellyEats became to be!

Bye Winter!

Here's what I've been munching on to keep myself round & warm during the Winter Hibernation, Part 1. Check out #WhatKellyEats on Instagram to see what else I've been exploring and eating/cooking. More features and updates to come soon!


You've been missing out, if you haven't gotten yourself here yet. It is one of midtown east's best-Japanese-restaurants and it serves great food and service. I've been hooked on their Sea-urchin Sobas ever since I tried it for the first time (now I order this every time I go). Lunch time usually gets crowded because of their specials, so either go early or go a bit after typical lunch hours. *Note: this restaurant is on the basement level (take the stairs down).

Recommendations: Sea-urchin Soba. Oyako Don.

A cute Korean ramen place in Chelsea Market, located all the way in the back part of the building. All I could think of while slurping away these noodles was that I wished I had a bowl of rice and 깍두기 ("ggak doo gi": spicy white radish) -- especially because, although I enjoyed this ramen (Mokbar Classic), there was a bit too much of braised pork and a bit too less of noodles! Hopefully next time, the noodle to veggie & pork ratio would be better or perhaps there would be a choice to get a bowl of rice with it. It'd be dank.

Love the cheese, love the food, love the drinks, and love the decor. It's a perfect place for girls' night out or a date -- to hang, to converse, and to enjoy and to bond over some good cheese and wine #GoodVibes #CheeseForever 

Recommendations: The World's Best Mac & Cheese. And of course the Cheesemonger's Three Cheese Plate.


This might be one of my favorite gelato/ice-creamery place in St.Mark's. It's a lovely and cozy place that I found with a friend while wandering and wondering about what to eat ... of course we decided to get something sweet first! #ThumbsUp for Fresco Gelateria, definitely coming back and to try more flavors (Summer Rum, Peanut Butter, Coconut & Pear) as well as their pastries and coffee -- all while having a work day here. 

Recommendations: Honey Almond. Espresso. Rose Water.

I'm really upset. I'm really upset that it took me this long to finally try this place, and to finally devour the ultimate ..........KIMCHI-BURGER! Typically, I believe that these are the overly hyped-up food combinations, but out of all of those crazy "mix & match" dishes, this one wins (I mean, I didn't try the Ramen-Burger or the Cronut yet, but still). The beef, the kimchi, the egg, the fries, the bun = everything was cooked to perfection. Can't wait to go back to Jersey and eat it again! #AGemInNewJersey #GoTryIt #America+Korea #Fusion #Boom 

Recommendations: Kimchi Burger. Duh.

The two or three times I've been at Lillie's I've always had great food and drinks (all except that one time with the Tiramisu Cake). But it wasn't the food and drinks I came for, it was of course for the beautiful decor... the deep wine red seating along with beautifully articulated ceiling. The "Victorian" at Lillie's is definitely there. They also have a lunch deal on the weekdays (meal with wine or beer), although... the portion may be a bit small for those people who really want a hearty meal. And although, it gets super crowded on the weekends, it is definitely worth a trip, especially if you're showing family/friends around Times Square.

Recommendations: Lillie's Manhattan. Chicken Pot Pie. Pulled Pork Nachos. Beet Salad.

HANDS DOWN....the best steamed pork buns I have ever had in my whole life time. Maybe I say this a little too often, but regardless, still amazing. Shoutout to my coworkers (Keith & Adam #AllTogetherFat #&AllTogetherHappy) for taking me here and changing my life. It just took one bite (be sure to have the spoon ready to get the soup when you take a bite! Unless... if you eat the whole thing at once). #TAKEMEBACK!

Recommendations: Kung Fu Steamed Pork Buns. 

Doughnut Plant is probably my second favorite doughnut place in the city, next to Dough (Dough was life changing #TheirYeast... soon to be featured in the next post!). Below is the Matcha Green-Tea and the Apple Cinnamon - which I enjoyed the most (I think this was seasonal). Next time, I'd really like to try the Meyer Lemon & Poppyseed Cake, Coconut Cream, Cinnamon Sugar, Wild Blueberry, and the Oatmeal Doughnut! Yes, all of them at once. Just a bite out of each of them won't hurt, right?

Recommendations: Apple Cinnamon.


I've tried a lot of grilled trouts' before, but this is one of the best I've had, the Whole Grilled Trout (Cafe D'Alsace has a mean Grilled Trout Fillet Alsacienne, maybe this wins actually -- will be featured in the next post). The sauce and the almonds are a nice touch to the dish along with the fresh herbs and mixed greens. Oh! And they serve great coffee (although totally forgetting right now what they had served me when I was there). 

Recommendations: Whole Grilled Trout. Smokey Mac and Cheese.

Just as good as Insomnia Cookies! ...... But still looking for an epic Cookie-Ice-Cream-Sandwich place in New York. Where does one go for this? Any recommendations? #NomNom The picture is the Peanut Butter and White Chocolate Vanilla Cookies with Vanilla Ice cream.


I usually don't like Steak Tartare for its texture (graded raw meat) and Carbonara for its heaviness and greasiness of the cream-sauce, but damn these 2 dishes were #SoGood! Even with the raw egg yolk (in both dishes) and thick bacon bits on the carbonara, every bite was really flavorful. I don't know if it'd be something I'd crave, like I crave chocolate everyday (multiple, multiple times a day), but definitely worth trying! I'd love to go back to this cozy Parisian place and try all their dishes soon -- but next time, I'll be seated outside in all the sunshines and warmth.


After viewing the Takashi Murakami exhibition, my friend and I were craving some sweets. Of course, as a cupcake fanatic and a once baker, I am always on the search for that perfect cupcake. Just with the right amount of sweetness in the frosting and light, fluffy bread (Butterlane's my favorite so far). My friend and I tried the famous Nutella Banana cupcake with some Chai Latte. It was a good cupcake, but perhaps I should have took my coffee black because the overall experience was a bit too sweet. Maybe just a bit of less frosting on the cupcake would do the trick?