From Korea to New York, bonding over food has been a big part of my life. Those moments with family & friends were savored and well documented, whether it was cooking up a recipe at home or dining out at up and coming restaurants. Then to share my love for food along with some traveling adventures, #WhatKellyEats became to be!

DC Eats!

Girls'-foodie-adventure-weekend-trip in DC.


A couple of my friends have recommended me this place as a "must visit in DC." The vibe was warm and lively, and the service was great. We started the dinner with some sweet cocktails. Then the Mushroom Tart, which included lots of Pioppini mushrooms and lots of shaved truffle pecorino cheese - wonderfully made. The Veal Escalope, which also had some lovely Morel mushrooms, charred spring onions and mushroom cream. The Onion Soup Gratinèe wasn't so salty and oily like the others I had at other restaurants #BrowniePoints10+. And lastly, the Ricotta Ravioli which was one of our favorite parts of this dinner (creamy and soft, with plum tomatoes and basil). Basically everything about this Parisienne restaurant was great (and photogenic).

Photos of Mushroom Tart, Onion Soup Gratinèe, Ricotta Ravioli, Veal Escalope and Macaroni au Gratin

My friends and I had a tough time trying to pick out flavors at this gelato place - because every flavor sounded so good! Surely, we were NOT disappointed with the three we have chosen to indulge on. The Black Tea was probably my favorite out of all three flavors.

Photos of Black Tea, Milk & Honey, and Matcha Green Tea


Yet another "must" try in DC: The Nando Peri Peri's! And a must order of The Quarter-Chicken that comes with mashed potatoes and Portuguese Rice! The best way to enjoy this dish are the many sauces for you to mix and match from.

Photos of The Quarter-Chicken (with 5 sauces)


Our 3 cupcake selections from Georgetown Cupcakes!

Photo of  Key Lime (key lime frosting topped with a candied lime), Chocolate (Valrhona chocolate cupcake with a whipped Callebaut chocolate frosting), and Lemon Blossom (light lemon cupcake with a lemon cream cheese frosting topped with a candied lemon) Cupcakes

The Tabard Inn had a great deal of rustic charm while serving one of the most lovely brunch menus in DC! My friends and I shared some dishes like the Fried Oyster and Cheese Grits which served with pork belly and poached eggs dressed with some spicy beurre blanc sauce (YUM), an Omelet with wild mushrooms, scallions, brie cheese, and home fries, and of course the Grilled Hanger Steak with 2 poached eggs, chimichurri, and some more home fries (more yum). Every bite was rich and perfect. 

Photos of Fried Oyster, Pork Belly Cheese Grits & Poached EggsThe Grilled Hanger Steak, and Mushroom Omelet

We couldn't try the fried chicken because we were too full from our brunch, but we tried the Vanilla Glazed & Hibiscus Lemon Doughnuts from Astro! Our last stop before heading back to New York were sweet and tasty indeed.

Photo of Vanilla Glazed and Hibiscus Lemon