From Korea to New York, bonding over food has been a big part of my life. Those moments with family & friends were savored and well documented, whether it was cooking up a recipe at home or dining out at up and coming restaurants. Then to share my love for food along with some traveling adventures, #WhatKellyEats became to be!


Last part of our Europe trip!


Mustafas Gemüse Kebap

Mustafas, I will never forget you. Although there was a super long line, it was totally worth the wait! Also, it's best to order your own because you will not want share this after the first bite.

Photo of Hähnchen Döner mit Gemüse (chicken doner kebab with vegetables)


Curry 36

Street sausages aren’t something that I crave usually, but made a couple exceptions in Berlin. Curry 36 was definitely a fun snack. It would be great after a bar crawl. I personally enjoyed the fries with mayo more than the sausages with curry though. 

Photo of Currywürst



On our first day in Berlin, we visited a restaurant where it's popular by locals (and tourists like us), but mostly a place that's ready to give us all of Berlin's finest schnitzels! It was a spacious restaurant with great lunch and dinner specials, crowded but lively. Although the schnitzel here wasn't the best I've tried in Berlin, we really enjoyed the dessert at the end. 

Photo of Schnitzel & Fries and Vanilla Pudding with Fruitsauce



After visiting the German Historical Museum, we stopped by Jerdermann. We started off with some soups and beers. Next, some Big Halloumi Burger then ended our meal with some Apple Strudel.


Son Kitchen

Some Steamed Kimchi Bang action! 


Berlin Beef Balls

Berlin, Bologna, Bagalore, Bangkok


Dolce & Sole

Perfect set of Dumplings



Tala Thai

Found this lovely Asian restaurant while walking around town on our last night! Perfect for a cold and rainy night: some good broth, noodles, vegetables, fried meat, and rice! Very much well needed.