From Korea to New York, bonding over food has been a big part of my life. Those moments with family & friends were savored and well documented, whether it was cooking up a recipe at home or dining out at up and coming restaurants. Then to share my love for food along with some traveling adventures, #WhatKellyEats became to be!


I've officially found my favorite restaurant in the world (not Noma, maybe, yet).

Kødbyen & Fiskebar

My #1 restaurant in the world. No words could describe how much my boyfriend and I have enjoyed this restaurant. Although it was mainly seafood, every dish was flavorful, scrumptious, and exquisite from start to finish.

Photos of Oysters, Scallops, Hake, Savory Cabbage, Vegetables, Bread (with amazing butter spread) and Pear


Manfreds was another favorite of ours in Copenhagen! Their Chef's Choice Menu and Sommelier's Choice Menu included so many beautiful and interesting veggie dishes. We included Each were unique and  (read up on their menu and wine reasoning on their website). 

Photos of Chef's Choice Menu included: Steak Tartare, Pickled Kohlrabi, Raw Mushrooms, Beets, Hokkaido Pumpkin, and wines from the Sommelier's Choice Menu.

Langelænder Pølser

Probably one of my favorite "street hot dogs", I have tried. Not only that, it definitely beats any New York hot dogs I've tried. Copenhagen hot dogs for the win!

Den Plettede Gris Kaffebar

I've only been to a couple of coffee shops in Copenhagen, but man, I really enjoyed their Almond Lattee here. #CuteCoffeeCups #MorePlease


A cozy brunch spot in Copenhagen that we ended up visiting two mornings in a row! My boyfriend and I loved all the savory dishes here, especially the Daal and Barley Otto.

Photo of Daal, Barley Otto, Congee, and Chia Porridge



Papirøen, aka Copenhagen Street Food, is a must go destination for foodies (a mix of Smorgasburg and Brookfield Place Market in New York). Here, I tried a couple of places with my foodie partner / boyfriend, like: Banzai Street Sushi for sushiOink Oink BBQ for curly fries, Handmade for smørrebrød (open face sandwiches), and Pølse Kompagniet for some street hotdogs. We came in famished, but we went out full and happy.


The Coffee Collective

Good coffee and ice cream? I'm there.