From Korea to New York, bonding over food has been a big part of my life. Those moments with family & friends were savored and well documented, whether it was cooking up a recipe at home or dining out at up and coming restaurants. Then to share my love for food along with some traveling adventures, #WhatKellyEats became to be!

Jeju Island

Seafood. Oranges. Palm Trees. Sunshines.


고집돌우럭 Gozip Dol Wooluck

Boy we were hungry when we arrived in Jeju! So we drove over to a restaurant that served just about everything Jeju was known for. We went with the "Set C" lunch course which included a lot of food (in addition to the side dishes). Oh and some Jeju Beers for drinks  - in Partnership with Brooklyn Brewery! We feasted on Assorted Jeju Tempura ("제주를 담은 바다튀김", the best veggies, shrimp, and fish tempura), Special Abalone + Shrimp Stew ("특전복새우우럭조림", delicious and not as spicy as you think - very delicious), Grilled Tilefish ("옥돔구이", so crispy), Seaweed Soup ("보말미역국", your traditional Korean soup), Blood Sausages + Pork Belly ("돔베고기 + 찹쌀수에 제주식 순대", two of my boyfriend's favorite things), Leaf Wraps + Rice ("해녀 낭푼밥") and lots of marinated/pickled veggies and sauces. This was definitely one for the books!


올래 국수 Ollae Guksu

Ollae Guksu is a very popular spot in Jeju Island - and this place was definitely one of our favorite meals in Korea! The noodles, the beef, the broth, and the side dishes were a perfect combination of a perfect meal. Also, this restaurant is very generous in their portions (an endless amount of broth, beef, and noodles) - so make sure you're hungry before you go. This is definitely a spot that I'd come back to every time we visit Jeju Island! Pro tip: don't go too far away from to the restaurant after you leave your name and # of party because the line goes down quicker than expected!




After a long day of driving and sightseeing all around Jeju Island, all we really needed was to finally try Jeju's famous Heukdweji ("흑돼지", black pork barbecue)! We decided to just head over to the nearest KBBQ joint while walking in the streets of Jeju Island - and so found one. Overall, it was a good experience - similar to a traditional Korean barbecue setting but I think the pork could've been a little more tender (less chewy - maybe we left it on the heat for too long?) and a little more flavorful in the sauces (or the marination). Regardless, we had a lovely night out before we headed over to Japan the next day. Shout out to our awesome waiter who helped to cut, serve, and grill our meat and tell us a bit more about Jeju Island!

*Unfortunately, we couldn't find the name or locate this restaurant after we left Jeju Island - but perhaps we'll bump into it when we come back!


Hallabong 한라봉

Saved the best for last! Jeju Island is known for their oranges and it's a must try for anyone who visits here. You will enjoy some very very very sweet oranges. With one bite, you know you can't go back to those oranges back at home (nope, not even the Cuties).  Enjoy them either in its pure fruit form or in a juice form - either or you'll be hooked! #HadOneEveryday #NoAddedSugar #SeriouslyThisIsTheBest #HallabongForLife #YAS